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Power Grid Lib

Benchmarks for Validating Power System Algorithms


Welcome to the official website for Power Grid Lib: a collection of git repositories containing benchmarks for validating power system algorithms in a variety of application domains. Power Grid Lib is curated and maintained by the IEEE Power and Energy Society Task Force on Benchmarks for Validation of Emerging Power System Algorithms. See this page for a complete list of Power Grid Lib activities.


Inspired by the success of benchmark libraries in optimization community, such as MIPlib, CSPlib, TSPlib, Power Grid Lib strives to compile a similar collection of benchmarks for validating power system algorithms (more motivation details).

The benchmark repositories in Power Grid Lib are curated by domain experts with the following principles in mind,

Community Curated

Similar to open source software projects, Power Grid Lib is built and maintained by the community. Github was selected as the dissemination platform for Power Grid Lib to aid in community collaboration. The community is encouraged to make contributions to Power Grid Lib repositories. The IEEE PES curators of those repositories will ensure the quality and value of all contributions.

Numerous and Challenging

Power Grid Lib repositories contain a wide range of benchmarks to exercise the extensive set of parameters in Power System applications, and mitigate potential bias in empirical experiments. Typically these benchmarks are organized into categories with characteristic features (e.g. real-world, randomly-generated, hand-crafted). The benchmarks are also curated to span a wide range of difficulties so that the limitations of current state-of-the-art algorithms are exercised by the benchmarks.

Simple and Unrestricted Access

To keep Power Grid Lib accessible with a minimal amount of effort, all of the benchmarks in each repository are maintained in one common format. In the interest of collaboration and replicable experiments, all Power Grid Lib benchmarks are distributed under the Creative Commons BY license, which means that anyone can copy, redistribute, and modify these benchmarks, as long as they credit the original creators.

How to Contribute

Power Grid Lib is a collaborative community-driven initiative. Power Grid Lib users are encouraged to fork benchmark repositories and modify them for their own purposes and then contribute their enhancements back to the broader community via pull requests.

To get involved with the Power Grid Lib organization or the administering IEEE PES Task Force, contact the administrator, Carleton Coffrin.